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What Men Should Wear to a Ballroom Dance Class

As a man the clothing worn to a ball room dance class can be tricky. You just do not know whether something is actually important, and it will actual be practically helpful, or if it is actually pretentious. This article will start with the most important items and work up to those you need less frequently. For each, their benefit and when they should be used will be covered. At the end of this article, you will be able to confidently decide what you need for a class.

Shoes - These are the first thing you need to deal with. As soon as you get the chance, by some dance shoes. With proper shoes you can slide when needed and then turn your feet to your toes to get grip as needed. You slide on you heels for smooth steps and then be sturdy when you flatten your feet. This is what dance shoes are meant to do, and your regular shoes just won't do this. Before you get proper dance shoes, regular shoes can be ok, but rubber soles will likely have too much grip. The leather soles of dance shoes have just the right amount.

Socks - once you have dance shoes you will need to change them when you get to your class. If your regular shoes are boots, and you wear thick socks, then you will need a change of socks too. Dance shoes are usually pretty snug and flexible so that you can use your toes to keep balance and control. They are not suited to thick socks.

Pants - The most important thing as that your pants do not restrict movement. Tight jeans made of denim that doesn't stretch a lot will likely cause issues. Still, jeans can be OK for a class. Looser is typically better, but if they are tighter around your hips, then it is easier to see if you're moving your body correctly. Also, make sure that you pants will stay up. If you have a bit of weight in the midriff, then you might need suspenders. Nothing looks worse than the top of your buttocks on display while dancing - perhaps with the exception of you continually pulling your pants up as the then drop down again and put you on display. Finally, take all items out of your pocket; these items can annoy your partner and they detract from look of your dance.

Top - A top should, like your pants, allow for movement. It can be loose around the stomach, but it's good to be snug on the shoulders so that your body positioning can be seen and corrected if needed. Typically, a t-shirt or shirt will be fine.

Costume - if you're getting ready for a dance comp' or grading, then it's a good idea to at least do a few lessons in whatever you will be wearing at the respective event. This is simply to ensure that you feel comfortable in the clothing, and you're not distracted by it when you need to focus on your dancing. However, sometimes you will notice more significant problems. I once noticed that some pants were snug around the stomach - this was so that they would stay up and show hip movement. At first they seemed slightly restrictive so I needed a few lessons to learn to move in them. This is mild compared to some emergencies I have seen.