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The Wide World of Jackets

Whether its simply raining outside or its blizzard conditions, people regularly wear jackets. The type of jackets that you normally wear depend highly on the climate in which you live. If you live in a more tropical locale, you probably rarely wear jackets. If you do wear a jacket it is probably something light to just take the slight chill off in the evening time or to keep the drizzle off. You might even wear print scrub jackets for comfort at night. Whatever type of jacket you tend to wear, there are many different types to choose from.

If you work in the white collar industry, you might wear a suit jacket to work. You could simply wear a blue sportscoat with a nice pair of khaki pants. If you are some sort of a higher up executive you probably wear a suit and jacket to work everyday. Whether you wear your suit jacket for a casual look or for a professional look, you most likely won't wear scrub jackets to work.

Those people who live in an area that has an extremely cold climate wear heavy parkas. This is especially true for those people who live in the state of Alaska. While they might have mild summers, the winters can be quite brutal in some regions. In some areas of the state they even have cities that are only accessible by airplane in the winter. So while you are riding around on your snowmobile to get from place to place you probably want to wear something that will keep you extra warm and snuggly.

Many people wear jackets to express themselves. You can buy jackets that have your favorite teams logo on them. High school students might even wear a letterman jacket that proudly displays all of the letters they have received. Nurses might even wear a rain jacket with their favorite hockey team's logo over their nursing scrubs.

If you live in the pacific northwest you probably have quite a collection of rain jackets lined up in your closets. While it might not pour down rain all the time, the drizzling also calls for the occasional jacket. Not to mention that people who live in the northwest don't use umbrellas when it rains. When it is windy and rainy down by the waterfront there is nothing worse than trying to use an umbrella to shield yourself from the rain. This is when a rain jacket will come in handy. If you do decide to use an umbrella in the northwest, just remember that most people will realize that you are from out of town!