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Have You Lost Clients Or Money?

Biz works in flow. Clients flow in & out. Same w/ $. If u are in a rut - cool! Next turn is an upturn. Don't be bummed - be excited! (This was my Twitter post today that inspired this newsletter). Hey, folks! I am not sure if you notice, BUT life and biz is all about flow.

* What goes up must come down. * We must let go of something of a lower nature to get something of a higher nature. * Life is a circle. What seems like the end may actually be the beginning.

Choose any of the above to remind yourself that nothing moves in one direction continuously. Everything needs waves, flow, and rest. When I embraced the knowledge of what I call the "exodus" - many clients leaving at once or cash flow taking a quick shift - everything changed for me. I used to think what am I doing wrong? Why is this all happening at once? How do I save this?

Now, I don't need to save everyone and everything. The flow is meant to be. Clients leave to make space for new more ideal clients. Income evaporates to create the opening for a renewed more abundant amount from a source more in alignment with your heart. Opportunities disappear because they would eventually take too much of your time or energy for little payoff. People fade away because they were not holding your dreams for you. Their fear made your fear deeper.

I know some of you are feeling this; I have felt it and still do at times. WHY the exodus of money, funds, people, opportunities? Just take a moment and pause. Get clear. What is around the corner? What new, fresh, inspiring opportunity is present? What opening is being formed to be filled with more money and more life? What may feel like sacrifice now is the formation of future opportunity.

Let it go. Let it flow. What may seem like the end is really just the beginning.