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Clothes For All Adventures

You might consider yourself a townie but it is highly likely that you will at some point require country style Barbour clothing. The simple fact is you do not necessarily have to live in the country to enjoy, and often need, to wear practical, waterproof and warm layers for the outdoors. Nowadays, the countryside is very accessible to us all and many people who live in towns and cities enjoy rambling.

We also climb, ski, run, walk, mountaineer and head out on our bikes to the local hills, parkland or country lanes and fields. You are therefore likely to need warm protective clothing that is specially designed for the great outdoors, whatever the elements throw at you.

It makes perfect sense when out walking, hiking, mountaineering, climbing or mountain biking and so on to wear outdoor Barbour clothing that is designed to protect you from the harsh and often unpredictable elements in our weather patterns. Correct and sensible clothing does not mean looking dowdy and old fashioned; you can still look stylish and the correct clothing that is adequate for all weather extremes will ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy whatever outdoor pursuit you wish to be involved in. The right clothing, could, in inclement weather and extremes of temperature, save your life.

Wearing clothes with good a protective layering system is an excellent start. This is likely to be an effective way of ensuring that you maintain a comfortable body temperature during and after exercise. This could be in the depths of winter or the heights of summer. A good and professional layering system employs three basic layers which are the outer layer which should be waterproof and protect you from direct outer elements of wind, rain and snow. The mid layer should give adequate insulation and keep you warm; and the base layer gives insulation to eliminate sweat away from your skin. Barbour clothing achieves this in its manufacturing with the strength and durability of the materials.

Each layer has an individual function within the layering system and air is trapped between each layer rather akin to a wetsuit trapping water. This air will in fact keep you warmer than if you were to wear one complete thick layer. This system of layering is flexible and means you can easily remove a layer when too hot or add one when too cold or add into the middle layers for extra protection.